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Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care At Peers Village

The Life Right Agreement states:

  • That a 30 bed Health Care Centre (HCC) has been provided in the Village.
  • Peers Village residents have priority to a bed in the Health Care Centre.
  • All Residents of the Village to have access to Primary Health Care and a 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  • The Health Care Centre shall be entitled to charge for the extra services and  medical consumables, if any.

The Clinic Service is free of charge for Residents.
Only medical consumables will be charged for.

Primary Health Care Comprises:

The Village has 1 Village Sister who covers the village from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm.
Please note that the Village Sister is not on duty on Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays to visit residents in their cottages.

The Village Sister will:

  • Follow up on those who have been ill, back from hospital, or to keep an eye on those whose health may be of concern at the time.
  • Check on resident’s ability to cope independently.
  • Make sure the resident is obeying Doctors instructions.

In addition to the Cottage visits, a Monday to Friday Clinic is held at the Health Care Centre, between 10:00am and 11:00am and again from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Any Resident may attend these clinics for purpose of having their blood pressure checked, a dressing renewed, first aid rendered, injections given or just to chat to the Sister about any health concern he or she may have, note that above clinic times could change if one of the Clinic Sisters is taking leave or is absent.

Primary Health Care at Peers Village in Fish Hoek

All of the above is regarded as Primary Health Care

Additional Health Care Services

There is a Registered Nurse on duty in the Health Care Centre 24 hours a day. Should an emergency call be received from a Resident in the Village, i.e. anything suspected as being life-threatening such as a sudden and severe pain, bleeding, breathing problems, broken bones from falling etc, it will be responded to as soon as possible either by the Village Sister if it is during her hours on duty, or at any other time by the Health Care Sister on duty. Kindly appreciate that the Health Care Duty Sisters’ first responsibility is to the patients in Health Care. Should the Sister be unable to leave the Health Care Centre at that moment, she will make a plan to either bring the Resident in to the Health Care Centre or to get to the cottage as soon as possible.

In responding to a call for help, the Sister will neither diagnose or treat, but will give what assistance she is able to. She will observe, collate information, inform Doctor and family and offer first aid, reassurance and comfort to the resident. She will carry out any procedures that may be ordered by the doctor for e.g. – injections, dressings, oxygen administration etc. She will assist in arranging the transfer of the patient to either the Health Care Centre or hospital, as determined by the doctor and family.

As an additional backup to this 24 Hour Emergency Service, in 2006 the Village Board approved the services of:
Cape Medical Response (CMR) – Emergency number 082 782 4444.

Residents are reminded that this service is included in their monthly Levy, while they are within the boundaries of Peers Village. In addition if a person is a Peers Village Resident, CMR offers cover for medical emergencies while outside Peers Village at a discounted rate.

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